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 Trinity Table - Spiritual Healing, Energy Balancing

How Does the Trinity Table Work?

The Trinity Table is not a medical device. It produces no electrical
or magnetic fields. It is what is referred to as a passive motion
table, providing a gentle rocking motion and a slow rotation. It is
hand constructed of wood and is driven hydraulically.

The person utilizing it merely lies upon the table, the subtle motion provides a gentle back-to-the-womb experience allowing a deep state of relaxation to occur very rapidly. During the experience, the lower Alpha, Theta and even Delta state can be achieved. The Theta state is that which is only reached a few moments during deep sleep or by a proficient meditator, true Delta is normally virtually impossible to achieve. It has been determined that within the lower Theta and optimally in the Delta is where the perfect Healing state occurs, as when the perfect "Healer - Subject" condition is created. The most apparent condition experienced is the elevation and balancing of the subject's "Energetic System".

Early in this research it was theorized that if the table was placed in a specific room or structure that its effects would be further
intensified. Such a prototype room was constructed in the spring of '98 and immediately demonstrated all the expected energetic
enhancements. The room is constructed primarily of wood, about twenty feet across with a half pitch pyramidal ceiling.

Virtually every person and every Professional who has
experienced the Table and observed others has been truly
amazed and astounded by the results. The Table, when combined with other modalities, is greatly enhanced, especially when experienced in a group setting. The Table could be considered as a Sacred Object and operating in conjunction with all laws of physics of the universe. When used with the proper Intent it serves to readily open the consciousness and the connection with the Universal Energy.

During healing sessions using the Table, an elevated and enhanced inter-dimensional energetic field is produced. This occurrence vastly increases the intensity of any healing session. This field is of extremely high intensity within a twenty foot diameter, with a secondary strong field extending to thirty to thirty five feet in diameter. 

Stargate is a relatively new term and concept. Essentially it is the
equivalent to what has long been referred to as a Portal or opening accessing the Universal Consciousness and other
dimensionalities. This is a general understanding of its
implications as it applies to all the aspects of Healing. We as
spiritual beings when in a healing session are essentially focusing energy and opening a multi and inter-dimensional window or connection with the universal energy and consciousness. In effect there is a stargate created wherein unlimited possibilities exist for work to be performed at all energetic levels. Persons who are gifted with extended sensory abilities usually are very aware of these fields even at extensive distances. Many of the Healing effects produce observable and measurable verification and validation by various scientific methods. As a Healing Tool the Table is working in conjunction with the Creative Consciousness and Energy.

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