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Oxygen Therapy

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** NOTE: The information on this page is for information and research purposes only, as protected by the First Amendment. It is not intended as medical advice, nor should it be construed as such. It is not meant to be used to prescribe a course of action or diagnose any illness or disorder, nor is it intended to definitively endorse claims that ozone/oxy-therapy is effective in the mitigation, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.  Do not attempt to self-treat or self-diagnose any illness, see your physician.

What is Oxytherapy?

The therapeutic use of heat therapy (Sauna) can be of great benefit, as heat can stimulate the immune system, help increase the body's white blood cell count, and aid the body in purging itself of accumulated toxins and produce a state of general relaxation essential to the healing process. 

Fever is one of the body's most powerful defenses against disease. Hyperthermic therapy artificially induces fever in an individual who is unable to mount a natural fever response to infection, inflammation, or other health challenges. It is used locally or over the entire body and can be an effective self-help therapy for the common cold and flu. 

A fever is the body's highly evolved attempt to destroy invading organisms and to sweat impurities out through the skin. Steam Saunas mimic a fever state resulting in an effective natural process of illuminating the body's deficiencies and improving your overall health. 

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